Shrink Wrapping Machine
Chamber Inner Dimensions : Model USW12 Model USW16 Model USW20
  Height - 150mm Height - 200mm Height-250mm
  Width - 300mm Width - 400mm Width -500mm
  Length - 800mm Length - 900mm Length -1000mm
Actual Dimension of the machine. Height- 1200mm Height -1400mm Height-500mm
  Width - 900mm Width - 1000mm Width -1000mm
  Length - 1500mm Length - 2500mm Length - 500mm
Power Supply 3 PHASE,440VAC 3 PHASE,440VAC 3 PHASE,440VAC
Power Consumption 6KWH 9KWH 10.5KWH
Conveyor Speed : 3speed possible through belt drive system.
Packing materials : Any heat shrinkable film like shrinkable LDPE, PVC etc.,