Stretch(Pallet) Wrapping Machine
Product Name
MODEL - USP 1500
Divised to overwrap the bulk palletized packs for exports to easy tranport Cartons / Multiple bags /Engineering etc…
Turn Table Dia meter 1600mm
Maximum[mast] Height 2200mm
Description This system consist of sturdy mild steel structure Film carriage [stretch film holder] And turn table are individually controlled with variable speed DC drive [Thiristor] control
Table Base Height 80mm / 250mm
Max Load 1500kg
RPM/Minute Max 10RPM-Variable speed
Core Diameter 76mm ID / 50mm ID
Stretch film Roll Dia 300mm, Max
Roll Height 400 to 600mm
Stretch percentage depends on the type of stretch film
Power Supply 1Phase, 230VAC
Power Load 1.5kw